Sentinel Rock at Port Townsend, WA

Sentinel Rock at Port Townsend, WA
SíKlallam Chief T'chits-a-ma-hun, or Chetzemoka as the Port Townsend settlers pronounced his name, was a peacemaker and a friend to the early settlers. He has been venerated by many over the years. A new Port Townsend ferry boat named Chetzemoka made its inaugural run on November 14, 2010. A statue of Chief Chetzemoka (1808 - 1888) was placed on Sentinel Rock at Port Townsend in 1996, as shown above. A local pioneer society, the Native Daughters of Washington, placed a memorial tablet on Sentinel Rock in 1938, in memory of Chief Chetzemoka. Also, the first city park in Port Townsend, Chetzemoka Park, was established in 1904.



Andrew Craig Magnuson
Forks, Washington
February 5, 2011