Peninsular Railway

Olympic Peninsula, Washington

Peninsular Railway
The Peninsular Railway Company in Washington State was incorporated in 1895, taking over the main line in Mason County, from Shelton to Lake Nahwatzel, built by its predecessor the Washington Southern Railway and by that company's predecessor the Satsop Railroad Company. The above scene, photographed by 1907 shows Peninsular Railway No. 6, which was built a year or so earlier by Baldwin Locomotive Works. Peninsular Railway No. 6 was a 2-6-2 “Prairie” locomotive, having two pilot wheels, six driving wheels, and two trailer wheels, and was a wood burning steam locomotive, as evidenced by the large balloon stack and the split firewood on the tender having side racks. By the time the above scene was photographed, the Peninsular Railway had extended the main line by present-day Matlock and into Grays Harbor County (then named Chehalis County). Eventually the Peninsular Railway had at least about 50 miles of track, including main line and spurs.



Andrew Craig Magnuson
Forks, Washington
October 20, 2007