Naches Pass Monument

Greenwater, Pierce County, Washington

Naches Pass

Oregon Trail Monument

The first wagon train of settlers to travel over Naches Pass was in the autumn of 1853, the same year that Washington Territory was established.

The stone tablet inset into the left front side of the monument is engraved with the following information:

“Marker erected in memory of pioneers who came over the Naches Branch of the Oregon Trail. Financed by students of Yale College, Pierce County Pioneer Society and other friends. Sponsored by Washington State Historical Society, 1941.”

The stone tablet inset into the right front side of the monument is engraved with the following information:

“Names of Pioneer Families that came over the Naches Pass 1853. Aiken, Baker, Bell, Biles, Bowen, Bowers, Brooks, Brunett, Byles, Clinton, Davis, Day, Downey, Finch, Fitch, Frazier, Gant, Gordon, Greenman, Guess, Hampton, Hill, Himes, Judson, Kincaid, Lane, Light, Longmire, McCollough, Melville, Mitchell, Mueller, Neilson, Ogle, Porter, Risdon, Sargent, West, Woodward, Woolery, Wright, Young.”

The round bronze plaque by James Earle Fraser and Laura Gardin Fraser, inset into the right front side of the monument, depicts a covered wagon drawn by a pair of oxen heading westward into a setting sun over the caption “Oregon Trail Monument”.

The monument is located in Greenwater, Washington, along the east side of SR 410, just south of the bridge over the Greenwater River. The Washington State Historical Society built a number of these pyramidal shaped stone historical monuments around Pierce County. The monuments were built at least from the mid 1920's to at least the early 1940's. A few other of these monuments still exist in Pierce County, marking various historic events and places.


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